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A NEW Language of School Design

Prakash Nair,
Dr. Parul Minhas

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Live | Play | Engage | Create Prakash Nair, Roni Zimmer Doctori and Dr. Richard F. Elmore

Blueprint for Tomorrow — for Innovative School Design and School Architects |  Education Design International 

Redesigning Schools for Student Centered Learning Prakash Nair

Language of School Design for Education Design International

Prakash Nair, Randall Fielding, Jeffrey Lackney

Health, Happiness and Learning

Dr. Parul Minhas,
Prakash Nair, AIA,
Louis Sirota, AIA

Biophilic Design
Learning Spaces Inspired by Nature

Prakash Nair, AIA,
Dr. Parul Minhas,
Karin Nakano

Outdoor Learning: Leave the Classroom Behind
Prakash Nair,
Roni Zimmer Doctori and Gary Stager

Failed Open Plan Offices What Can Schools Learn?
Prakash Nair, AIA
Louis Sirota, AIA
May, 2020

Transforming School Design In A Post-coronavirus World
Prakash Nair, AIA
Roni Zimmer Doctori
March, 2020

Redesigning Schools into Student-Directed Learning Communities
Nair, Prakash
Educadores Journal, December 2018

Reimagining and Renovating As Acts of Choice
Nair, Prakash
School Administrators Magazine, October 2017

The Attention Myth: Why Paying Attention in Class is Overrated
Nair, Prakash
Edutopia, Posted 05/08/2015

From Cells and Bells to Learning Communities
Nair, Prakash 2014, Harvard Education Letter
Harvard University, Graduate School of Education

Life Between Classrooms: Applying Public Space Theory to Learning Environments
Nair, Prakash and Gehling, Annalise (2010)
‘Building Schools for the Future’ (BSF), British Council for School Environments, Pages 26-33.
The authors contributed to a collection of provocation papers entitled “Reshaping Our Learning Landscape” for the British Council for School Environments. Nair and Gehling discuss Jan Gehl’s theory of public space and how it might apply to learning environments today, using the examples of school and university campuses, and exploring the emerging role of informal learning in the 21st Century.

Don’t Just Rebuild Schools—Reinvent Them
Nair, Prakash (2009)
Education Week, Vol. 28, Issue 28, (8 April) Pages 24-25.

Accommodating an Education Revolution: How Victorian schools are re-organising for the 21st Century
Nair, P & Gehling, A (2008)
Professional Voice Australian Education Union (Victoria), Vol. 5 Issue 3.

Democratic Architecture: The Community Centre Model
Nair, P & Gehling, A (2008)
Voices in Urban Education Anneberg Institute at Brown University, Spring.

Introduction to ReThink!
Nair, P & Gehling, A (2007)
edited by La Marca, S. School Library Association of Victoria.

A Comfortable Truth
Edutopia, April/May 2007. 8 Truths About Comfort in Schools.

Master Classroom
Thinking like Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, or Jamie Oliver can help you look at school design in a whole new light. Co-authored with Randall Fielding.
Edutopia, 2006

The Language of School Design
Co-authored with Randall Fielding
DesignShare, 2005

Small Is BIG
The way space is organized can give school a powerful sense of community. Co-authored with Randall Fielding.
Edutopia, 2005

Planning Schools As Symbols of Change
The Council of Educational Facility Planners International

The Changing Shape of Learning
“Connection” – New England Board of Higher Education (also, see article below)

A Proven Methodology for Assessing School Buildings
with Nadine Chin-Santos
School Planning and Management