Here is the complete range of architecture and educational space planning services we offer to develop world-class international schools and school buildings. EDI will work with you and your school community to decide which of these services will create the best outcome for your project.

Architecture and Educational Space Planning Services | EDI


  • Visioning for 21st Century Community Learning Centers
  • Long-range Facilities Master Planning
  • Help School Districts with Capital Construction Bond Referendums
  • School Facility Assessments for both Small and Large School Systems
  • Master Planning for Individual Schools
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping
  • Demographic Analyses and Enrollment Projections
  • Redistricting Studies
  • Community Consultations & Workshops – for school leaders, teachers, parents, local businesses, political leaders, community residents and all school stakeholders
  • Project and Program Budgeting


  • Curriculum Review
  • New Curriculum Design
  • Curriculum Implementation Strategies


  • Our Industry-Leading Assessment Tool, EFEI: EDI’s groundbreaking Facilities Assessment Tool is being used by schools and governments worldwide. We now have several upgraded versions of this tool that can be deployed with mobile devices
  • Post Occupancy Evaluations


To get meaningful results, our communities will often require the development of a comprehensive Blueprint for Change. EDI can help schools and school districts envision and successfully implement system-wide change. Our suggested Blueprint for School Change includes the following categories: 1) Desired Student Outcomes, 2) School Learning Principles, 3) Leadership, 4) Organization/Management, 5) Standards, 6) Assessments, 7) Staffing, 8) Scheduling, 9) Professional Development/Capacity Building, 10) Youth Development, 11) Curriculum, 12) Community & Business Connections


In a rapidly changing world, communities all over the world are looking for successful exemplars to guide them through the often perilous path of educational reform and change management. EDI is not only able to guide you through this process but we are also able to publicize your success story via our website and social media outlets.
EDI will also submit your project for local, national and international awards and publish your story in reputed journals.
Many EDI school architecture projects have become iconic international exemplars helping communities throughout the world implement their own programs for improvement and change.


  • Complete Range of Architectural Services – including site selection, master planning, concept design, schematic design, design development, tender documents and on-site supervision
  • Engineering Services in Collaboration with Our Partner Firms
  • Design Architecture Services – where we are responsible for taking a an educational facility planning project from concept design through schematic design and design development at which point a local Project Architect assumes responsibility with EDI serving in a quality assurance and review role
  • Sustainable Design – EDI is regarded as one of the world’s leading Sustainable Design Architects; we integrate sustainable and environmentally conscious design in accordance with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) principles. Several projects we worked on have attained Net-Zero (zero carbon emission) standards.


  • Brand new and Proprietary Technology-Based Tools for Teacher Professional Development
  • Best Practice Workshops and Seminars for Teachers
  • Project Based Learning Training
  • Architecture for IB Programs
  • PD Needs Assessment
  • Design of a Customized PD Program
  • Actual Delivery of PD utilizing an in-class coaching model. This model is more sustainable over the long run since it will develop trained mentors within your community and reduce your dependence on consultants
  • Ongoing Support for Teachers
  • School Tours — we will conduct educational tours of schools that are successfully implementing a student-centered curriculum
  • Educational Commissioning (training teachers and students to get the maximum teaching and learning value from new and renovated facilities)


  • EDI will help you properly integrate educational technologies into your infrastructure plans early in the project lifecycle so that these are not seen as a superficial add-on
  • We will also provide technology integration training to your teachers
  • We will assist you with setting up suitable distance learning programs
  • We will provide all the assistance you need to ensure that your students will be fully prepared for Anytime Anywhere Learning


EDI is the ONLY Education Architect worldwide with an impressive array of customized online tools and Mobile APPS to measure the Quality of Learning Spaces & Provide Professional Development for Teachers. Click HERE to learn more.