Technology Tools

EDI introduces EduSPACE, SPACE, and PATH, a trio of advanced applications transforming educational spaces. These tools assess and enhance the effectiveness of learning environments, aligning them with pedagogical goals and promoting student health and well-being. By providing instantaneous feedback and insightful data, they ensure that innovative spaces yield educational transformation, serving as more than just physical structures, but catalysts for optimized learning experiences.


Dynamic Learning Maps

WHAT IS IT? EduSPACE is the ONLY APP in the world that dynamically and continuously measures the quality of teaching and learning spaces at a school.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Floor plans of new and renovated schools are uploaded via a desktop portal which then show up on the user’s mobile APP. Pins mark each space. Short (three-to-five-minute) “audits” are conducted by students and teachers themselves of selected areas that record the actual use and occupancy of each individual space at different times of each day.

WHAT DO SCHOOLS GET? Accurate and reliable data that show:

  1. How different spaces in the school are actually used at different time of the day – as opposed to their anticipated use
  2. The modalities of learning most prevalent in different areas and in the school at large
  3. Areas that are properly utilized vs. those that are under or over-utilized
  4. The extent to which newly designed spaces (renovations, additions or new buildings) yield corresponding educational benefits
School Architects and innovative school design


Efficacy of Learning Spaces

WHAT IS IT? SPACE is a fully customizable APP that records the effectiveness of learning environments to support each school’s educational vision and mission

HOW DOES IT WORK? Following a walk-through of the school and the creation of a photographic essay of all the learning spaces, designated school representatives “assess” how well the building serves stated educational goals. Existing buildings are benchmarked before any renovations are done, the design is assessed for quality for both new and existing buildings and follow-up assessments are done when the spaces are in use.


  1. Customized templates they create themselves using research-based criteria focused on environmental conditions that improve student health, well-being and achievement
  2. Different scores for different age levels – Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School and High School that accurately record the extent to which learning spaces support teaching and learning
  3. The ability to prioritize spending decisions in a way that will yield the greatest educational value for the money spent
School Architects and innovative school design


Connecting Pedagogy & Space

WHAT IS IT? PATH (short for Pathfinder) is a fully customizable APP that lets teachers create and measure the effectiveness of lesson plans that maximize the learning potential of innovative learning spaces.

HOW DOES IT WORK? This APP measures how closely an actual lesson mirrors the prescribed conditions for its success. Teachers create a set of pedagogical criteria on a desktop portal which then show up in their APP next to the lesson being assessed. The criteria used to deliver any particular lesson are designed to take full advantage of collaborative, flexible and innovative learning spaces available at the school.


  1. Customized lesson plans describing the skills and competencies that students will practice within each lesson
  2. The efficacy of each lesson or multidisciplinary curriculum unit can be measured on the app in under one minute
  3. Encourages teachers to take full advantage of innovative learning spaces
  4. The ability to get instant feedback after each lesson makes the APP a highly effective formative assessment tool that teachers will be able to use to improve their own practice.
School Architects and innovative school design