Watch This Space During the Coronavirus Epidemic

Click HERE to download our special bulletin that deals with opportunities to rethink school design in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Please call our Coronavirus Response Hotline at +1800.311.2429 to reach our experts for general advice with ANY school facility related concern you may be having. Here is a list of topics that we can offer specific help with:

  1. Visioning the Future – Free Webinar Offered
  2. Evaluate your School Facility – Free Online Assessment Tool Offered
  3. Improve the Efficacy of Teaching & Learning – Free Online Assessment Tool Offered
  4. Plan a Pathfinder Project – Free Initial Consultation Offered
  5. Develop a Facilities Master Plan – Free Initial Consultation Offered
  6. Help with Your Capital Campaign – Free Initial Consultation Offered
  7. Develop a Marketing and Public Relations Campaign – Free Online Consultation Offered
  8. A New Changing Curriculum for the New World – Free Online Consultation

Coronavirus Hotline: +1 800.311.2429
Email: [email protected]

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