Trivandrum International School Early Learning Center – Trivandrum, India

Architectural Design
Education Design International

TRINS Early Learning Center is a 20,000 SF preschool designed for 200 children between six months and six years old. It is in the Technopark area of Trivandrum. We designed TRINS ELC from the ground up to nurture the social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs of children during their critical developmental years.

Every floor has learning zones that are open and flexible with seamless connections to outdoor decks and terraces. Each of these zones contains pods for various activities like hands-on activities, play based learning and storytelling to name a few. Stepped seating along with flexible furniture arrangements allow for multiple activities to take place in these learning zones. The house-boat theme of the design of learning pods takes its inspiration from local Kerala tradition. Soft flooring materials, ample natural light, rounded corners for furniture, ramps and steps that are suitable for young children make the space easy to navigate and encourages exploration.

Outdoor spaces are provided with active play areas, water play areas, sound garden, a kitchen garden and areas for sensory and tactile activities. TRINS ELC is a place where infants, toddlers and preschoolers can connect with their natural need to be active, curious and creative in a safe and caring environment.

School Architects and innovative school design

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