Heritage Experiential School, Gurugram

Situated in the heart of Gurugram, the Heritage Experiential School is an oasis of relief amidst the busy and rushed locality. The aesthetics of the school campus creates an environment of calmness and focus. The garden architecture works as a learning space for students, where creative and free minds can reflect in serenity. The perimeter of the flat site is surrounded by mature trees which provide a shaded extension to the learning studio, thus helping the campus balance between the freshness of outside with the focus of the insides.

This project required a renovation of existing buildings as well as the addition of an equal amount of area to house the students. The new facade exhibits the indoor-outdoor connection whilst providing a well-lit and airy space. Buildings in the campus have wide shaded walkways and are curated with views out to the lush green settings. The natural ventilation in the route makes this a very pleasing setting and brings in the sense of cohesion to the whole campus.

School Architects and innovative school design

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