Emerald Elementary Boulder Valley, Colorado

Master Planning, Architectural Design and Interior Design
Prakash Nair, AIA
Principal Founding Partner

Our new school opened in August of 2017 and was designed and built around the concept of Learning Community. A Learning Community is like a traditional classroom community on a bigger scale. A traditional classroom has a teacher and around 25 students making up a community. A Learning Community might have 7 – 10 teachers and 150 or more students all making up a larger community of learners. All of the teachers in a Learning Community might work with all of the students or some of the students. The Learning Community concept is built around fostering teacher and student collaboration and flexibly grouping students to best meet everyone’s learning needs. Another important aspect of the Learning Community philosophy is that instead of teachers working in isolation, all teachers in each community will work out of a shared teacher collaboration space. This promotes cross pollination of ideas, collaboration, collegiality, and deeper empathy and understanding of one another
Samara Williams

Emerald School Welcoming Entry by Education Design International by Fielding Nair International

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