Concordia International School, Hanoi

EDI’s design strategies are best demonstrated in the spatial planning of the high school building at Concordia International School, Hanoi. With the building architecture, EDI aims to facilitate collaboration through spatial design. Students all over the world yearn for narratives on how to operate within the ever-changing societal landscape, engage with technology, construct networks and understand complex systems. Thus, the extended High School building interiors promote autonomous ways of Project-based Learning. Spanning four stories, the building is home to modern pedagogical practices such as individual independence, constructive investigations, goal-setting, collaboration and communication.

EDI has also kept sustainability at the core of this project with indigenous materiality and interventions maximizing daylight and overall efficacy. The project, made with such competence, has thus successfully achieved the level of “Lotus Gold”, certified by the Vietnam Green Building Council.

School Architects and innovative school design

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