Dr. Parul Minhas

School Architects and innovative school design

Dr. Parul Minhas

Director of Research and Digital Innovation

Dr. Parul Minhas is an accomplished researcher and consultant at Education Design International (EDI) who is known for her extensive contribution to the field of salutogenic learning environments. She brings her expertise to the management and maintenance of EDI’s technology tools such as the innovative SPACE, PATH, and EduSPACE apps.

Beyond technology, Dr. Parul works alongside EDI’s President, Prakash Nair, in developing and coordinating seminal research papers that shape the industry’s understanding of school design. Her recent works on neuroarchitecture, health-promoting school environments, and biophilic learning spaces are testament to her impactful contributions.

In her commitment to holistic health and well-being, Dr. Parul has formulated an extensive set of design guidelines and assessment tools that serve as invaluable resources for architects working on school projects. These tools aim to ensure that new and existing educational facilities contribute positively to children’s overall health.

Recognized for her unique insights, she is frequently invited to share her knowledge at national and international conferences. Also, as the mainstay of EDI’s online media presence, she leads strategic communications that highlight the company’s groundbreaking initiatives. Her rich background spans eight years in architectural teaching at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, reinforcing her grasp of practical and theoretical aspects of her field.

Contact Parul at [email protected]