Dr. Parul Minhas

School Architects and innovative school design

Dr. Parul Minhas

Director of Research and Digital Innovation

Dr. Parul Minhas is an accomplished author and the Director of Research and Digital Innovation at Education Design International (EDI). Alongside visionary school architect Prakash Nair, she has co-authored influential books such as “A New Language of School Design” and the forthcoming “Building Minds,” scheduled for release in October 2024. These publications reflect her deep commitment to rethinking educational environments and have significantly impacted the industry’s understanding of school design.

Her journey into the realm of children’s well-being and educational environments deepened with the birth of her son, now a teenager. Observing his growth and learning experiences has been both an inspiration and a driving force behind her dedication to creating healthier, more effective learning spaces for all children. Her research focuses on salutogenic design, neuroarchitecture, health-promoting school environments, and biophilic learning spaces, which testify to her commitment to holistic health and educational innovation.

Beyond her research, Dr. Minhas has developed an extensive set of design guidelines and assessment tools that are invaluable for architects aiming to design educational facilities that contribute positively to children’s overall health. She also manages EDI’s suite of technology tools, including innovative apps like SPACE, PATH, and EduSPACE, channeling her expertise into digital innovation.

Having taught architecture for several years, Dr. Minhas brings a unique blend of skills as a research architect, educator, author, content creator, conscious parent, and above all, a compassionate human being. This combination enhances her ability to make a meaningful impact on the future of educational design and children’s well-being.

She is frequently invited to speak at national and international conferences to share the insights and findings that propel her career. She also leads EDI’s strategic communications, ensuring that their groundbreaking initiatives reach a global audience.

Contact Parul at [email protected]