Megan Higbee Hendrickson | Education Consultant at EDI



“Megan is passionate about professional development and believes it ignites new passion in educators, which in turn inspires students to take risks as learners.”

Megan Higbee Hendrickson is a veteran teacher with classroom experiences ranging from public to private school classrooms, and grades 1 through 7. Megan has worked diligently throughout the past two years planning and executing integrated curriculum instruction in innovative classroom spaces designed by FNI. She has created authentic learning experiences for students and recognizes the importance technology plays in students learning process. Megan strives to provide students with the skills necessary to become self-motivated learners and collaborators. In addition to her role as teacher, Megan serves as a mentor for teachers, facilitating the development of skills necessary to teach in new learning environments. Through the creation of a professional development plan for teachers, she strives to unite theory and practice during the transition into flexible classroom spaces and facilitates curriculum planning and collaboration among teachers and administrators.

Megan has a B.A. in Business administration from the University of Florida, and a M.A. in Teaching from the University of South Florida. She serves as teacher-leader for the NSF funded Great American Biotic Interchange Research Experience for Teachers (GABI-RET) and Morphosource collaborating with scientists from the University of Florida and educators from around the country to write integrated science curriculum that utilizes 3D printing and scanning, bringing paleontology and geology to life in classrooms across the country. This work has supported the alignment of NGSS and CCSS standards and provided Megan with opportunities to share student outcomes at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference, the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology Conference, and the Geological Society of America Conference, and National Science Teachers Association National Conference. Megan is currently excited to begin work on research in collaboration with the University of Florida exploring the impact of 3D models on middle school students’ motivations and their interest in STEM careers.

Megan’s years of experience working along side scientists in the field helps her provide students with hands-on, inquiry based science experiences. These research projects include work in marine biology and ecology, as well as geology and paleontology in the Bahamas, Panama, Nebraska, Florida and New Mexico. In addition to her field experience, Megan has received fellowships to attend Space Academy for Teachers, American Wilderness Leadership School, and Earthwatch expeditions. Megan is passionate about professional development and believes it ignites new passion in educators, which in turn inspires students to take risks as learners.