Matthew Cropper | Senior Gis & Master Planning Consultant at Education Design International



Matthew Cropper is EDI’s GIS expert. He is also involved with long range Facilities Master Planning including the development of Demographic Analyses, Enrollment Projections and preparing Redistricting Studies.

Matthew Cropper has worked in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and planning industry since 1997. He has a Bachelors Degree in Geography with a Specialization in Geographic Information Systems and Analytical Cartography. He has worked with school districts of all sizes across the United States. He specializes in planning with a focused approach of using GIS mapping technology to assist in problem solving. Matthew has worked primarily with K-12 school districts, but he has provided consultation to municipal governments and private companies as well.

Matthew recently directed the largest redistricting effort that Henrico County, Virginia (surrounds Richmond) has ever undertaken. He has worked on demographic studies for districts in New York (Buffalo City, Corning Painted Post), and is currently working with West Chester Ohio, Champaign Illinois and Bloomington Illinois on demographic studies. Additionally, Matthew is also currently providing redistricting and planning consultation to Baltimore County Schools MD, Charleston County Schools SC, and Akron Public Schools OH. Matthew also serves as an expert witness for the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.