Keren Frayman

School Architects and innovative school design

Keren Frayman

Senior Education Consultant

Keren Frayman is an experienced and passionate educator, researcher and leader. Throughout her professional career, Keren focused on educational innovation and leadership, school partnerships, and evaluation. She is an expert in social entrepreneurship for educational innovation, with an emphasis on organizational and student leadership for 21st century schooling needs.

Keren’s teaching career started more than a decade ago as an English teacher and Head of the English Department in Israel’s first private high school. She later joined a Jewish Inclusive and Pluralistic school in Israel that is undergoing structural, physical and pedagogical changes to meet the needs of 21st century learning and beyond. Today Keren leads the school’s Research & Innovation department and is a Pedagogical Advisor and Lecturer at a Teacher’s College in Tel-Aviv.

As an educational researcher and leader, Keren published her extensive work on school partnerships and connecting classrooms through global learning. She currently focuses on the development of staff pedagogy to prepare schools and teachers for the changing needs of the 21st century. As Head of Learning and Innovation in High School, Keren leads the design and development of professional learning communities in the school by connecting teachers, students and parents and guiding them to be active agents of change in the process of creating authentic learning experiences.

Keren earned her MA in Educational Management & Leadership from the Institute of Education in London (UK) and her BA in Educational Management and Administration & English Literature from Tel-Aviv University (Israel). She is currently completing Educational Leadership courses at the Harvard School of Education. In recent years, Keren has presented her work on Designing Space for Transformational Learning in international conferences and has become a vocal advocate for intervention strategies to engage students, parents and teachers in shaping their learning spaces and communities.

Keren loves her professional life since she gets to make a difference in this world every day. She loves her students, learning and educating in that order. She brings passion, devotion and dedication coupled with world-renowned academic credentials and hands-on experience to her work on educational innovation.