Jay J. Litman, AIA

School Architects and innovative school design

Jay J. Litman, AIA

Principal Architect

Jay Litman, AIA is a renowned figure in the architecture and education realm, with an illustrious and comprehensive career spanning over four and a half decades. Specializing in the planning and design of educational facilities, Jay has etched his name in the history of education architecture, having made significant contributions to the field in the United States and internationally.

He served as a studio Principal and then Partner at Fielding Nair International for several years during which time he worked closely with EDI President Prakash Nair on many notable projects worldwide. His approach to design, deeply influenced by progressive educational theories such as project-based and collaborative learning, has played a crucial role in the evolution of modern school design. His designs have not only catered to the educational needs of the current generation but have also envisioned and shaped the educational environments to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving future.

Jay’s architectural brilliance has been recognized numerous times, notably by the American Institute of Architecture and the Association for Learning Environments. With a portfolio that boasts cutting-edge projects across the United States, Canada, and over 20 other countries, Jay has made a significant impact on the global educational landscape. Jay brings his vast experience, visionary outlook, and commitment to educational innovation to his role at EDI to significantly advance our mission.

Over the years, Jay has been an active speaker at many educational and planning conferences and foundations, including the AAIE, Ed Spaces, the A4LE, and NEOCON. In addition, he has been a regular guest on the Education Talk Radio Podcast with moderator Larry Jacobs, the Director of the American Consortium for Equity in Education. Jay has also been interviewed by or written for numerous publications, including Planning Learning Spaces – A4LE/London and Education Reimagined. In 2020 he led a small research team to produce a 40-page COVID response booklet titled – “Sustaining Student Learning and Success”: A Holistic COVID-19 Response Strategy (VS America) Fall/2020. It was published and distributed worldwide. The booklet and associated research received a 2021 AIA Honor Award.

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