Francesco Cupolo

School Architects and innovative school design

Francesco Cupolo

Community Outreach Coordinator

Francesco Cupolo is a community-oriented teacher and designer based in Philadelphia, PA. His life-journey began in Caracas, Venezuela, and spanned multiple cities across Europe and North America. Francesco has 8 years of experience coordinating Afterschool Programs in Cambridge, MA and Portland, OR. He is also a certified Technology & Engineering educator with extensive experience in K-12 makerspace classrooms. Today, Francesco advocates for innovative solutions in Education that address the nuanced needs of every member in a school community. He has been commended for his kindness, his great listening skills, and his organized approach to documentation and communication.

In addition to his educational background in Industrial Design, Education, and Anthropology, Francesco was trained in creative entrepreneurship at the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s Applied Craft and Design program. There, he launched a series of workshops in gallery settings that invited families with young children and school groups to exercise their creative capacities through hands-on activities and craft projects. Francesco continues to facilitate creative workshops; he also installs playful, interactive exhibits in a variety of settings, and he develops lessons and curriculum for makerspace classes.

Contact Francesco at [email protected]