Félim Bolster | Senior Education Consultant at Education Design International



Félim Bolster has been involved in education for the past 20 years, and has worked in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and Europe. He has held leadership roles in various schools over the past 12 years, and is currently the Head of High School at the International School of Brussels, a school renowned for its innovative approaches to education, recognized as one of only six schools worldwide as a “School of the Future” by the National Association of Independent Schools.

Félim’s relationship with EDI began in 2009 when ISB and EDI collaborated on the design of a new high school. ISB, having designed a now global collaborative, the Common Ground Curriculum (CGC), firmly placed this curriculum as the central driver for what learning spaces should look like if they are to provide and promote the type of learning articulated in the CGC. The project overview can be accessed through the EDI website.

A firm believer that learning takes place in many different modalities, Félim has in-depth understanding of the need for flexible learning spaces and flexible learning time. The interplay between learning time and learning space is at the core of the work he does to design optimum learning environments. Félim has lead workshops for teachers and school leaders on this topic, describing his experience in leading an already highly successful school through radical and transformative change in the context of learning space and learning time.

You can read more of Félim’s thinking in this short article posted on the Common Ground Collaborative website.