Dr. Steve Kutno | Senior Education Consultant at Education Design International



Steve Kutno, Ph.D. has made a career of seeking ways to evolve teaching practices and learning experiences. He applies human-centered design to facilitate stakeholders as they reflect on and plan for future educational opportunities that meet the needs of all students. His work has included examining how current conditions—people, resources, cultural conditions, and facilities—converge to create learning experiences. He works with teams as they explore possible alternatives, including addressing obstacles. He provides teacher coaching and training, learning design support, and leadership development. For more than two decades, Steve has consulted with schools, districts, and state education agencies as they plan and pursue organizational changes to meet the demands of the future.

Steve has applied his expertise and passion for education in many school districts throughout North America, Israel, and Panama. He has guided strategic planning, professional development, evaluation, and instructional initiative support for many school systems. After leaving the classroom, Steve moved onto leadership roles within the educational service arena. He guided the development of educational materials, assessments, and technologies, including some programs still in use today. Driven by his passion to improve the lives of teachers, administrators, and students, Steve works to incorporate innovative practices in settings where learning is an experience and students build a portfolio of work, demonstrating competencies and confidence as a result.

Steve began his career teaching English before completing his doctoral studies in which he examined the connection between policies and classroom practices. He holds a Ph.D. from the University at Buffalo and a B.A. from Rutgers University. Steve has deep knowledge of the educational landscape, policies that govern practices, and factors that drive human behavior. He has expertise in strategic planning, curriculum mapping, differentiated instruction and program evaluation.