Dr. Belen Franquet

School Architects and innovative school design

Dr. Belén Franquet

Senior Education Consultant

A respected educational innovator, special education teacher, and native of Spain, Dr. Belén Franquet brings a wealth of experience to her role as a consultant at Education Design International. Graduated in Social Anthropology and with a Ph.D. in Education, Belén has a unique interdisciplinary perspective that fuses various perspectives such as relational psychomotricity, education in nature, perinatal psychology, and more.

With more than twenty years of experience in the education sector, including university teaching and project leadership, she is passionate about creating inclusive educational spaces that foster personal growth and emotional development. She is currently an external advisor for an educational innovation project in the natural environment, which she created in 2019 and directed until 2023. Nowadays, she is also the supervisor of the equestrian therapy foundation of which she was coordinator from 2010 to 2023.

Belén is known for her positive leadership, creativity, and empathetic approach. Her communication style is assertive and she excels in conflict resolution and emotional autonomy. As she assumes her new role at EDI, Belén looks forward to continuing to advocate for innovative and inclusive educational practices. She maintains a strong online presence, sharing her work and knowledge on Instagram at @belenfranquetmontufo,  @escoletadelmas and @fundaciomanreana.