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Senior Education Consultant

Anu Monga has a distinguished career in school leadership always pushing the benchmark standard of excellence. At EDI, Anu serves as an effective liaison between our learning space specialists and our educational clients, helping to give form to their aspirations and vision for the future.

She has more than thirty years of senior leadership experience having worked in different capacities with leading schools in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kodaikanal, and continues to be an active player in building partnerships to promote quality education. She serves on many national and international boards and accreditation teams and works with governments around the world promoting educational collaborations. Anu views schools as structures of joy, and her life commitment has been to look at the student as central to any classroom pedagogy and believes that one of the assured criteria for an effective pedagogy is a happy school, which is why she strives to shape supportive organizational cultures which are inclusive.

She believes that the art of running a successful school rests not just in finding the right people, but ensuring that everyone is intrinsically motivated to grow together. This requires heart-led leadership skills, the ability to listen, understanding what motivates people, and providing the necessary training and infrastructural support. Via TAISI, she has managed to build a professional development community with schools across India. Her strength and passion has always been to take projects and challenges that need to be worked on and help breathe new life into them.