ANNE SHAW | Senior Education Consultant at Education Design International



Anne Shaw’s passions are Professional Development and Curriculum Design. Anne was a pioneer in the development of 21st century project-based learning, designing and implementing the first “designed down”, 21st century project-based curriculum in 1990. Her curriculum design methodology, PBL21, is unique in several important ways. It is always embedded within a 21s century Learning Environment, which requires the intentional design of the Physical, the Emotional and the Academic Learning Environments. After continuous research related to the Physical Environment for education, Anne is more certain than ever that Fielding Nair International represents the epitome of 21st century school design! Anne developed two Compass Roses to guide teachers when designing their 21st century curriculum. The first, Critical Attributes of 21st Century Education, helps designers ensure that their curriculum designs integrate the following attributes:

Integrated and Interdisciplinary
Global Classrooms
21st Century Skills
Relevant, Rigorous and Real-world
Adapting to & Creating Personal and Social Change
Project-based and Research-Driven
Technologies and Multimedia
The second compass rose is Multiple Literacies of the 21st Century. Using this compass, teachers can ensure that the following literacies are continually developed through the project-based curriculum:

Creativity and the Arts
Information and Cyberliteracy
Physical Fitness & Health
Global Competencies & Multicultural Literacy
Social/Emotional Literacies
Media Literacy
Financial Literacy

Anne is continuously urging educators to incorporate multimedia technologies into their curriculum and to “take their classrooms global”. Her background includes teaching at the elementary level, establishing the first 21st century preschool in in Oklahoma in 1986 (including a parent library, a student library and an Apple computer with educational software), serving as Curriculum Director for a school district in Texas, teaching undergraduate courses at UT Austin, serving as Director of Student Teacher Cohorts at UT Austin, supervising student teachers, speaking at conferences in the US and abroad, and founding and directing her company, 21st Century Schools. She has worked with educators throughout the United States as well as in Turkey, Malaysia, India and Vietnam. Her workshops in the US have been attended by educators from Canada, Mexico, India, Chile, Australia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Denmark and the Philippines. Her international work has involved working with Ministries of Education, Office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia and private school organizations. Anne is currently developing two new initiatives: the 21st Century Teacher Education Initiative and the Coalition of 21st Century Schools, both of which are global. She is the creator of Food and Culture – a global, collaborative classrooms project which is ongoing. Her work has been published in various textbooks in the United States, Africa, Australia, Europe and Nova Scotia, and has been cited in numerous theses and dissertations, as well as on many educational web sites for universities, school districts and other educational organizations. Her web site has also been required reading in university and high school courses. Her mottos are: “See the possibilities, and change the world!”, and “Learning is serious, but that doesn’t mean in has to be grim!”