Annalise Gehling | Senior Education Consultant at Education Design International



Annalise Gehling is a Melbourne-based Educational Planning Consultant with Education Design International. She is passionate about respectful, authentic, relationship-based pedagogy and is an expert in school building analysis for 21st Century teaching and learning.

Annalise joined the EDI team in 2006 and since then has worked on National School Planning Standards in Abu Dhabi, trained Government Officials on School Facilities Assessment in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, researched and authored a detailed Master Plan of the Cayman Islands’ school environments, acted as lead Planner for one Brisbane school’s Master Plan, and played a key role in EDI’s School Planning contracts in the United States, India, Ukraine, Brunei, Victoria, Tasmania, New Zealand, UAE, Malaysia and the Cayman Islands.

In addition, Annalise has had a number of speaking engagements at regional, national and international events, and has authored papers for The Anneberg Institute at Brown University, British Council for School Environments, Australian Education Union, Edutopia and the School Libraries Association of Victoria. She was an editor of and contributor to EDI’s publications The Language of School Design (revised editions 2009, 2013) and Blueprint for Tomorrow (2014).

Annalise’s work with EDI draws upon her ongoing teaching experiences and broad understanding of educational literature. Annalise earned a Bachelor of Social Sciences from the University of Adelaide, Australia, in 2002. Her excellent results in majors of Geography, and Media and Communication showcased her work as a spatial and linguistic thinker. After working as a graduate in the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Annalise turned to her passion for education and completed a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary and Secondary) at Deakin University.